ARIX operates a global dual stack anycast network with an open peering policy. Contact for peering arrangements.

For more information visit our PeeringDB page.



We apply import filters to all sessions. Bogon ASNs in path and IP addresses will be rejected. Session specific prefix filtering may be IRRDB or manual import filters, depending on network and location.

Route Servers

We generally peer with IXP route servers but prefer to have bilateral sessions as well.

Virtual/Tunneled Peering

ARIX is present at EVIX for physical peers at the Vancouver location. Remote EVIX peering is not available and RS sessions are no import/export.


ARIX runs a dual stack network. We would be glad to peer over both IPv4 and IPv6 in all locations.

BGP Communities

RFC 8326 GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN is supported. Routes tagged with community (65535:0) will have LOCAL_PREF set to 0.

Network Announcements

We generally announce the same prefixes in all locations. Modifications may be made to sessions in the event of an outage or network event where we need to redirect traffic.