Amateur Radio Internet Exchange

ARIX is an experimental internet exchange point for licensed amateur radio operators. ARIX is purely experimental for the use of networking research, development, and education. ARIX is NOT a production-grade internet exchange and should not be relied on as the primary point of connection. That being said, it's great fun to experiment so everyone is encouraged to join if they meet the conditions below.


Connections be obtained via 802.11 wireless or other particpating IP protocols. You're welcome to integrate something other than Ethernet, but the route servers are TCP/IP only and most peers are as well. Currently the supported interconnection methods are as follows:

Feel free to send us an email at any time. Happy peering!


Currently there are 11 peers on the exchange.

Name ASN Location/Protocol Macro IPv4 IPv6 Status
ARIX 44977 10GigE - Fremont, CA AS-ARIX 2a0e:8f00:fddd::2 Connected
Nathan Sales 34553 Fremont, CA - 10GigE AS34553:AS-ALL 2a0e:8f00:fddd::3 Connected
AS6556 6556 Fremont, CA - 1GigE AS6556 2a0e:8f00:fddd::4 Connected
10VPN Research Network 49134 Fremont, CA - 1GigE AS-10VPN-RESEARCH 2a0e:8f00:fddd::5 Connected
AZSignShop LLC 60564 Fremont, CA - 1GigE AS-AZSIGNSHOP 2a0e:8f00:fddd::6 Pending
Brian Blevins 140244 Legacy AS-BRIAN-BLEVINS 2a0e:8f00:fddd::7 Disconnected
Keaton Alexander Guger Lair 213027 Extension - 100Mbps AS213027 2a0e:8f00:fddd::8 Pending
Two P 6140 Fremont, CA - 1GigE AS-TWOP 2a0e:8f00:fddd::11 Pending
AS112 112 1GigE - Fremont, CA AS112 2a0e:8f00:fddd::252 Connected
ARIX Route Server 47192 1GigE - Fremont, CA AS47192:AS-ARIX 2a0e:8f00:fddd::253 Connected
ARIX Route Server 47192 1GigE - Fremont, CA AS47192:AS-ARIX 2a0e:8f00:fddd::254 Connected


The ARIX team can be contacted by email at, or for general discussion join #arix on freenode. ( +6697)


If an ARIX member cause issues for the exchange, other members, or the internet at large, intentionally or unintentionally, the offending port may be brought down until the issue is corrected.

Route Servers

ARIX operates dual stack route servers to aid members in their peering endevours. See the members table above for peering information.


All ARIX peering macros are contained in AS47192:AS-ARIX if you would like to IRR prefix-filter the route servers.


AMPRNet IP space is not currently RPKI signed, but in the hope that it will be in the future, ARIX route servers currently reject IPv4 and IPv6 RPKI invalids.

BGP Communities

RFC 8326 GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN is supported. Routes tagged with community (65535:0) will have LOCAL_PREF set to 0. Additionally, routes tagged with communty (47192:0) will not be announced to any peer.

Prefix Length

Networks must be a minimum size of IPv4 /24 and IPv6 /48. Any more specific prefixes will be rejected.

Prefix Limits

The route servers have a max prefix import policy of 100 routes or less for both IPv4 and IPv6. If you run Amateur Radio services on more than 100 prefixes let us know. :)


Only routes within AMPRNet ranges ( and are accepted by the route servers. All other IPv4 networks are rejected. Additionally, any prefix overlapping the peering LAN ( will be rejected.


Because there is no "offical" IPv6 network for amateur radio operators, most IPv6 networks in the range of 2000::/3 are accepted. The route servers block some IPv6 networks (::/8, 0100::/64, 2001:2::/48, 2001:10::/28, 2001:db8::/32, 2002::/16, 3ffe::/16, fc00::/7, fe80::/10, fec0::/10, ff00::/8). (All more specific prefixes are rejected) Additionally, any prefix overlapping the peering LAN (2a0e:8f00:fddd::/64) will be rejected.